Thank you for visiting our site. We welcome you to take part in our fun and crazy life! 

We are the owners of Finny Farm: Yvonne, the sassy German Au Pair, and Bobby, the handsome Gentleman from Georgia. Together we envisioned a place where we could grow healthy food, while also having a place to raise a few barn yard animals and Bobby's beloved bees. Up until recently, he has had to travel across our county to take care of his hives, but now most of them are right here, in our own special haven. From the day we first saw this place, we knew we were meant to have it. We long to utilize what God has provided to give Him all the glory. Hospitality and outreach are deeply important to us and we hope to continually bless others by creating an inviting atmosphere. If you are ever in the area, please visit us as Finny Farm!

In 2015, we bought 15 acres and a fixer-upper home, we lovingly call our "brick box." We have always enjoyed watching home remodeling shows together, and thought it would be fun to do one ourselves... We did have fun, we also cursed some, and cried some, and had moments of regret and moments of being overwhelmed, but in spite of all those "moments" we would do it all again. Our "brick box" has become our home and the gathering point for many occasions already. Finny Farm is an extension of our personal lives- what we enjoy, love, cherish, and we want to share it with you.

What's in the Name?

We affectionately call our place Finny Farm, after our youngest son, who loves the outdoors, who is Daddy's helper at the bee hives, who is the number one tractor engineer, who is faithful to feed "his chickens," and who is first to collect the eggs. It is also our Funny Farm (who remembers this hilarious movie starring Chevy Chase) and has offered us many good laughs and hilarious moments. It is never dull around here... 

Our Boys

Here they are- 'Man-child,' 'Boy,' and 'Baby." Currently, they are 15, 10, and 2 and the pride and joy of our lives. Finny Farm has allowed them a place to shoot bows and arrows, build forts, ride the go kart, be around animals, and a place to lose themselves in their creativity and play in the dirt. Boy and Baby enjoy helping Daddy with the bees- Man-child will not go within 50 feet of a bee hive! He instead enjoys helping with projects and is becoming proficient with a number of power tools. (He is also going to be my tech support person for this website and other Finny Farm projects, but he may not know this yet...). Boy thrives outside. He constantly has a ball or shovel or golf club in his hand and is always busy with something. And little Finny- well, he just likes anything and everything his brothers like!

Finny Farm Natural Body Care

Yvonne has eliminated most chemicals from our home and body care products. Originally, we started with home-made laundry detergent. Through the past several years we have replaced commercial dish detergent, dish washer tabs, conditioner, body lotion, spider and bug spray. More recently, we have become even more determined to cut our unneeded toxins from our home. As a Nurse Practitioner, Yvonne's passion is healing bodies in the most natural way. This flows into our daily lives as well. Essential oils have become our "first aid kit." You can be sure to read more about these topics in our blog!

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Finny Farm bees will tell you: the naturally growing honeysuckle, the beautiful Georgia climate, and the nurturing environment here will make bees multiply like crazy and grow into strong, producing hives. We desire to share our knowledge and expertise on bee farming and beekeeping, as well as providing you with strong hives and delicious wildflower honey. At this time, our bees are only available for local pick up and our honey will be available through local farmers' markets.