A stinky matter...

Do you know what’s in your deodorant?


There has been quite a bit of talk and news about deodorant in the past several years. Is Aluminum in your deodorant toxic to you? Does it cause cancer? What about perfume additives? Preservatives?


Should we just make our own concoction? I have boys. Busy, active, athletic, stinky boys. One of them a teen. Enough said.


My point is, I’ve been looking into several different options and types, have spent countless dollars on different products, and have experimented with a few “home remedies” -from straight up baking soda, to essential oils, deodorant crystals, aluminum-free deodorants, unscented ones…you name it. Here is a (incomplete) summary of my “research”:


1)      Aluminum Crystal

I have to admit, this type works the best for me:

…but it’s straight up aluminum crystal. Yep, the stuff that causes such controversy about cancer and Alzheimer. I have NOT done extensive research on this and don’t have an opinion on safety either way. It has worked, quite well, actually. The benefits? No perfumes, scents, irritants and it keeps sweat in check and I honestly DON’T SMELL when I use it.


2)      Baking Soda-based unscented deodorant:

This one is free from Aluminum, the major active ingredient is baking soda, and it does not have any scent to it. Result? It appears to be working fine for regular day-to-day activities and doesn’t really have a smell to it. But is fails the “Teenager-test”!!! Sadly, this does not hold up to the busy, active, athletic teenage boy smell. It just doesn’t. Plain and simple.


3)      Straight up Baking Soda:

This is messy, people! The other downside is , that many people can be sensitive to too much baking soda straight on their skin.  You basically keep a box of baking soda on your counter and after your shower you dip your fingers into the powder and apply it to your damp pits. I can’t even honestly tell you, how well this did or didn’t work, as I hated the application process and didn’t even stick with it long enough to give you a proper review.


4)      Natural, toxin-free deodorant brand:

The ingredient list is somewhat impressive. I feel good about using this product on my skin and also purchased one for my 10-year-old, as it does not contain aluminum. The lavender scent is also very nice. The price was decent- a little more than other store brands, and difficult to find a coupon, but still within “reasonable.” But… after considerable time (more than 6 months) I have to conclude that it just does not do the job! It’s too bad, really, because this was an easy option for me…


5)      Home-made options:

I’ve been experimenting some with different ingredients, such as coconut oil and essential oils, but again am still hung up on the consistency. I’ve added bentonite clay, baking soda, bees wax, and other fun ingredients to play with consistency and effectiveness. I am not super crazy about applying the deodorant with my hands. I prefer a stick. I found a recipe that works great, and have finally figured out how to make it firm enough to hold up as a stick.  This is the one you will find in our shop. It’s not that difficult to make, but it is messy and the essential oils make it pricey. But, alas, I am happy to have found an option that works very well.


Here are some links to some recipes if you want to give it a shot yourself. If you want an option that works, head on over to our shop!